Stay Cozy Through The Hardest Winters With A Well-Maintained Heater

Since 1987, Precision Temp Heating & Cooling has helped numerous residents of our community with their heating and air. Our team has decades of experience and advanced equipment to keep you warm, plus that special touch of professionalism that you’re looking for.

Michigan can be cold. It’s no secret that the worst weather we face often waits for those creeping winter months. If your heating system isn’t sufficient, then winter can be quite the trial indeed.

Don’t settle for discomfort and inefficiency. Precision Temp Heating and Cooling can help you with your heating and get it back in order. We’ll gladly assess your situation and get you back on your feet so you can enjoy the depths of winter just as much as any other season.

Get Your Heater Ready For Winter

Notice something wrong with your heater? Maybe it makes a new noise, doesn’t heat like it should, or ends up heating longer just to maintain the same temperature? Your heater might be wearing out. Our expert installation team will install new furnaces and ductwork without a problem. If it can be fixed, our repair crew is more than happy to check it out and give you the right fix for your timetable and budget. Whatever the weather, our maintenance staff will gladly go to work and keep your space comfortably warm throughout the chilliest months.

Start Enjoying Your HVAC System

Most hassles with HVAC systems come from poor installations and repairs. Shortcuts just don’t cut it when it comes to proper air distribution and climate control. This is particularly noticeable when the thermometer drops past zero and your heat just isn’t working.

You don’t have to guess if your furnace will be able to rise to the challenge this winter. Contact our team for our inspection services and get the upgrades your family needs. You deserve to live in comfort all year long.

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