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Boiler Service and Repairs for Shelby Township, Michigan

Boiler Service and Repairs

Keep Your Heating System Safe and Secure

A boiler is a modern convenience that allows your home to have hot water ready for you at any moment. This is especially useful in the colder winter months when being able to use warm water can keep you comfortable.
Of course, anything that keeps water boiling at all hours of the day is undergoing a lot of stress and pressure from use. You need to keep your boiler in proper shape so that your home can be warm and safe from harm. 
Work with Precision Temp Heating and Cooling to get the boiler repairs and service your home needs.

Get Regular Maintenance to Stay in the Clear

An unstable boiler is a dangerous situation. All of that pressure has to go somewhere. If your boiler’s outflow or circulation isn’t functioning correctly, it could have catastrophic results.
Consult with our professional team of maintenance and repair specialists to keep your boiler in check. We’ll give your boiler the complete rundown, looking at everything from its condition to its plumbing and electrical resources. Our comprehensive repair package ensures that everything related to your boiler will be in optimal condition when we’re done with it.

Work With Your Local Team of Professionals

We’re not a faceless corporate enterprise or a distanced team of strangers. We’re your neighbors and friends, and we’ve been serving Shelby Township since 1987. We care deeply that our community is able to enjoy stable and safe hot water throughout the year.
That’s why we make it such a priority to offer our services with the flexibility and resources that you deserve. Talk with us about our financing and certification options. We treat every customer like they’re a part of our family, offering our devoted attention and personal services.

Give Your Boiler the Best Treatment Today

When it comes to your boiler, you don’t want just anyone taking a look at it. Keep your family safe and comfortable by working with Precision Temp Heating and Cooling. We take your needs and circumstances seriously, and will always work to your utmost satisfaction. Contact us today to learn how we can service your boiler with better service than ever before.