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Win the Climate Battle With Our Team’s Help

Since 1987, Precision Temp Heating & Cooling has helped countless residents of southeastern Michigan to keep their HVAC systems intact. From heaters and furnaces to air conditioners and ductless systems, no matter what you use to make your home more comfortable, we can help.
For over 30 years, our team at Precision Temp Heating and Cooling has helped cool and heat homes and business across the Rochester Hills and Macomb County area. We’ve helped numerous people get control of their airflow and home temperatures. Let us help you be more comfortable!

Comprehensive HVAC Services

Whether you need your system fixed, a new HVAC system installed, or are looking to maintain the life of an existing comfort system, call our office at (586) 416-6800 for an all-in-one approach. Want to save more money on your energy bill? Ask about upgrading to a new energy efficient system, and the impact it can have on your taxes!

Quality Installations

The most important phase of a heating or cooling upgrade is the first step. Precision Temp Heating & Cooling helps you get the system right the first time by analyzing your needs, your building's requirements, and providing you with quality recommendations. Let us install and maintain your HVAC unit.

Heating and AC Repair Professionals

Michigan doesn’t have a tame climate. Our winters are frigid and our summers are broiling, with a healthy amount of humidity all year long. With all that stress, equipment can break. Keep it running smoothly with maintenance and repairs from your Shelby-based technicians.

Live With Comfort Today

There’s no need to suffer through bitter winters or brutal summers. Work with Precision Temp Heating and Cooling today to get through the worst weather and gain control of your home once more. Our services will keep you dry and comfortable no matter the time of year. Consult with us today to learn more about how we can help your home.
We make getting cool or staying warm easy! Give us a call at (586) 416-6800 for a free estimate.